A sustainable exercise modality for everyone!
More movement synergy makes us stronger, more coordinated and improves overall speed and human performance

First Time Visitors

Welcome First Timers!! We understand experiencing a Team Vertical workout may be necessary in order to decide whether to enroll as a full time member. First class visits are FREE, just fill out the FREE CLASS form and let’s get you scheduled!   Please feel free to CALL anytime with questions 720-242-6836, or to have us sign you up for classes directly.  You’ve made a GREAT choice..This work out will blow your mind!  Come change your life!

New Members

Congratulations on making an amazing commitment to your health and well being!!
As a new member, you are pre-enrolled for a schedule of classes. These class times are yours, for as long as you maintain your membership. No waitlisting! If you cannot make your regularly scheduled time, we do appreciate cancelling your slot, however, there are no fees if you forget. 
Due to the efficient nature of a Team Vertical workout, you only need 3 days a week, with rest days in between, for effective and efficient results!


To prepare new members for class, please schedule and attend an orientation class, prior to attending your first scheduled class. During this session, we assist you in finding your opening position on the step and bars, and determine which timer you will be using. We also go over the basics of the protocol Life Movements help you gain an understanding of what to expect during class, and discuss your short and long term fitness goals.
Orientation class can be scheduled with a simple phone call! 720-242-6836